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Current Job Opportunities At Flex-Pro:

Email Resumes to: Monica Lopez, Office Manager, Monica@flexproAZ.com

***Resumes should include a cover letter about yourself and a clear statement of the position you are applying for.

Quality Control Employee Wanted: Mid to entry level position with microsoft skills a must. Full time position working with and training with QC Manager to maintain quality flow through documentation, checking components to maintain tolerances, first article inspections, AS9102, sample size inspection, DIP forms, etc. This individual must possess great verbal and written skills and must be willing to be flexible and work with all departments.

CNC Mill or Lathe Operator Wanted: Entry level, some experience desirable, a willingness to learn, and skills for showing up on time and working to full potential. We offer on the job training for a great ethical candidate and we will work with a great candidate to offer them higher level training.

CNC Mill or Lathe Operator Wanted: A "Button Pusher" with experience to an experienced setup Pro with years of experience. Must be a team player! 

Precision Deburr Hand Finishers: Experienced with precision aerospace parts, hand and tool deburring. We are looking for a minimum of a year experience and prefer 3 years experience for a team player to help us get perfect work out the door with zero burrs. These Pro-Finishers will use a microscope to maintain a zero-burr policy depending on the complexity of the parts.

For more information call: 623-466-6866